Midwife, Michelle Rey

My Story

Midwifery is not just a job or career, it's just what I love to do.  I did not have the best experience with my babies, and I always wanted to find a way to help other families navigate their birth experience, and have the support that they needed whether in the hospital or at home.


In my role as a Licensed Midwife, I offer support to women and their partners before, during and after childbirth. My role is to help facilitate safe, positive and empowering birthing experiences by offering the information, emotional support and physical support needed during this time. 

I service the greater Los Angeles and San Bernardino areas.  Birth Center options are available in San Bernardino.

My Training
My Philosophy

I believe that my background in naturopathic medicine compliments my midwife experience, and enhances the care provided.

Food is medicine, and a healthy pregnancy begins with a healthy diet.  Part of our journey together will be to learn about healthy eating to decrease the risks of complications during pregnancy.

"Dear Michelle -
We are so thankful that you were by our side for the birth of our son! Without even meeting you beforehand, I could feel your love and positive energy next to me.  You made me feel so safe and gave me great advice when I was pushing.  I feel so blessed that it was you.  You are so talented.  Thank you for your expertise and love"
Love Darren, Melissa and baby Graham
Licensed Midwife

Licensed with the California Medical Board


Bachelor and Master Degree in Alternative Medicine

"When we first were introduced to Michelle, she was referred to us as "The Peacemaker" midwife, by some friends of ours that had delivered with her the year before.  This title would turn out to be true beyond belief, as Michelle helped maintain a space of peace and understanding before, during and after the birth of our first child, a healthy baby girl named Ziv.
We hired Michelle a little over half way through our pregnancy, and when we did, we had a lot of questions.  Michelle was very attentive to our questions, and would continually reassure us that birth is " the most natural thing in the world".
One great mindset that Michelle carried, which set her apart from other midwives we interviewed, was the philosophy that "The mother will know what she wants, and her body will tell her what to do".   Water birth, stool birth, bed birth, clinic birth..... the mom was in the driver seat and her intuition was primed to make the right choice even though the baby was months from being earth-side.
Whichever birth plan the mother felt most safe approaching, Michelle would get behind with full support.  This made us feel like we had a co-laborer, not just a know it all clinician who told us what to do.  She gave us the clinical, chemical and natural options, and explained each challenge we might face, carefully educating us on what each option would represent if we ended up with an emergency situation, or had to transfer to the hospital (which thankfully we did not).
Michelle would really advocate for us to conduct our own research on a particular process, treatment or inoculation, so that we were equipped to know what we wanted for our baby, and why.  This as opposed to just telling us what she thought we should do, without regard for how we felt about a particular procedure.
This approach was paramount in helping us develop the confidence that we would need to have when stepping into parenthood, which for us showed up soon after our due date, at a moment we least expected.
Michelle reassured us that our mental preparation was half the battle, as i'm sure we asked her "What should we expect on the day" question at least 50 times.  A few short months, and plenty of prenatal visits later, it turns out she was spot on with everything she had prepared us for.
The labor was indeed peaceful, and Ziv arrived to welcoming arms and a home full of love and soft music.
Her team was professional, and easy to talk to, and we really feel as if we gained a friend through this process.  
I would (and already have) recommend Michelle to anyone looking to deliver their baby in a way that is natural, loving, and with the mental and spiritual preparation to champion through labor with peace of mind and minimal chemical and physical disruption.
Michelle is an amazing lady who loves children, and you can tell from the moment you meet her.
Jennifer and Chris Crutchfield (and baby Ziv)